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        節能型振動流化動態干燥機 Energy-s**ing Vibro Fluidized Dynamic Drier節能型振動流化床

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        Introduction of Working Principle and Scope of Application



                    Material enters the bed via the feed opening and vibrates at a certain frequency under the exciting force provided by the vibration motor of bed or in other way; the hot air which is filtered and purified firstly and subsequently heated to a certain temperature enters the drier downwind distribution chamber via the air intake vent and subsequently runs through the fluidized bed plate. Under the dual action of the vibration dispersion force and the hot air distributed uniformly by the air dispersion plate, the material in the suspending state contacts with the hot air. The drastic turbulence between the material particles and the heat media enhances the heat and mass transfer process. The products dried are discharged via the discharge opening; water and waste gas are discharged to the atmosphere after dust is collected by the cyclone separator. The lower bed provides a stable air chamber with stable pressure for the material layer. Induced draft fan is adjusted to maintain tiny negative pressure at the top of the material in the upper box so as to keep a good and dry environment and prevent dust from escaping. The vibro fluidized dynamic drier is a novel fluidized high-efficiency drying equipment used for drying pelletized and powder-like materials. It is suitable for such industries as chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals, food, dehydrated vegetables, grains and minerals, and also suitable for material cooling and humidification operation. This unit can be put into mass and long-period continuous production.








        1.The material is heated evenly with sufficient heat exchange and high drying intensity. Its energy saving is 30% higher than the ordinary driers.

        2.It has great adjustability and wide applicability. The thickness of material layer, the running speed in the drier and the change of double amplitude are step-less controllable.

        3.Vibration is driven by the vibration motor featured by smooth operation, easy to repair and long service life.

        4.Vibration is helpful to disperse the particles which have high moisture content and are easy to clot and cohere and improving the fluidized state, so that fluidization is stable and uniform, without dead space and blow-through, and uniform drying, cooling and humidification effects can be achieved.

        5.It may make less particles crushed and abraded and can be used to dry the fragile particles. Its operating effect will not be affected even the particles of material are regular.

        6.Vibration can reduce the minimum fluidizing air velocity, so the demand for air may decrease obviously and therefore dust entrainment will decrease. The sizes of supporting heat source, fan and cyclone separator etc may decrease accordingly.


        Process flow diagram



        Technical parameters (the values in the table below are for reference in type selection only)







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